The Corona Virus Chronicles…Continued

by Renee on April 11, 2020

We are a month or so into our COVID-19 quarantine, and other than running to the grocery, the liquor store, and getting the occasional take-out, living life at home alone is my new norm. This blog has always been my writing outlet–an occasional letter to the world–mostly about my beer travels and things related to New Albion, but when Paul was sick, I wrote about that here too. So writing about this current world pandemic and how I’m coping seems natural to do. Coping with a beer…yeah, that too.

I’m very glad to have my buddy Porter to keep me company, We have a daily walk on the local trailhead, and thankfully, the weather is starting to break–most days it’s fairly decent out. I’m ready for a real warm-up though.

In Ohio, 2 p.m. means #WineWithDeWine, as our Governor Mike DeWine gives his daily outbreak update at that time. While I’m not usually drinking at that hour, (having started a new job–working from home like most everyone else whose office has been closed down) I do try to tune in. Thanks to early mandates DeWine issued keeping us from gathering in large groups, Ohio appears to be flattening our corona virus curve. Hopefully it won’t be much later than May before we are able to start seeing our friends and loved ones again. Thank goodness for FaceTime, Teams, and Zoom!

On Twitter this week, I noted it was National Beer Day on my @BrewersDaughter feed, and posed, “What are you drinking to celebrate?” Someone tried to shame me for suggesting we celebrate anything with everything that is going on in the world. My reply was that I always seek something to celebrate. It’s not to ignore the suffering we are seeing around us, but to remind us that there is always something to be grateful for in life.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday, and while there won’t be anyone around my table, I’ll treat myself to a Reese’s peanut butter egg, and I’ll check in on the bird eggs in my front door wreath nest that is now home to a mama wren. It’s a sure sign of continued life…and I’ll take all the good signs I can right now. Cheers to you and yours. Stay healthy and safe.


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