The Brewer’s Granddaughter

by Renee on January 17, 2011

Not only does January bring my birthday, it’s also my daughter’s birthday month. I had just turned 30 when she was born–it was the coldest recorded day in Ohio’s weather history–minus 24 degrees (without windchill)! But that’s when Alienna decided to come into the world, arriving at 10:09 p.m. on January 18th, 1994.

 Ali is Jack’s only grandchild–and he’s taken quite an interest in her. From the time he came into our lives he’s been saying things like, “When are you going to send that girl down here to Texas so I can teach her to shoot?” As I posted back in October, he funded her first flight lesson. A licensed pilot himself, Jack was thrilled to learn she had an interest in flying as well.

These days as a high school junior, Ali is looking at colleges, and Jack sent her a list of institutions of higher learning he thinks she should look into during her search. Like her grandfather, Ali loves the sciences and she’s a fan of history as well. Also, I think she got his math mind–it definitely skipped a generation. (I can barely balance my checkbook, honestly.) She’s also a great writer, and has an eye for photography.  She also plays the saxophone and is an A foreign language student–she’s traveling to Spain this year with her Spanish 4 class. We’re thinking a good liberal arts school as a starting point.

To celebrate her big day this year, we took advantage of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, and spent the day at Cleveland’s University Circle museums with a group of friends–we hit art and natural history, admission was free at both. A cold winter’s day spent with Monet, Gaugin, Rodin and dinosaurs isn’t a bad way to go! We topped it off with a trip to Little Italy and delicious Mama Santa’s pizza (I had a Birra Peroni) and Presti’s cannoli and cake. It was a little more mature than past years’ Disney on Ice or Build-a-Bear parties, but just as festive and fun.

I continue to be amazed by the poised young woman my girl is turning out to be, and I look forward to watching her grow into her talents and beyond what she even imagines for herself. I wouldn’t  be surprised if someday she was as well-known as her grandfather in her own right–success is something she comes by quite naturally.

Happy birthday to my baby girl, the Brewer’s Granddaughter, 17 and on her way!

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Erica January 18, 2011 at 2:01 pm

She’s beautiful! Happy Birthday to her!


Renee January 19, 2011 at 9:48 am

Thank you!


Linda January 28, 2011 at 4:25 pm

My beautiful grandaughter Ali…of whom i am so proud! she’s an angel~~of beauty, brains, goodness and sweetness. what a joy to all who know her!


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