Support Your Local Black-Owned Brewery

by Renee on June 5, 2020

What a year 2020 has turned out to be. COVID-19 kept us inside, and made us appreciate the little things in life, like sharing a beer with friends at the local brewpub. Then yet another death of a black man at the hands of police, and racial tensions boiled over–something that was overdue in this country, quite honestly. Many of those same people who had been sheltering in place left their homes, masks and all, willing to risk their lives to protest this injustice. There are many ways we can try to change the way we address inequality. One small thing we can do is to support black-owned breweries in our region. (This article by Thrillist highlights a few.)

In a recent exchange about race on Facebook, an old white man told a friend of mine to “go back to the kitchen” — now this woman is a lawyer, and journalist, and while she may whip up fantastic meals, he was not praising her ability to make crepes. I understsand that I am a priveleged middle-aged white woman, and if this is the insult we put up with…well, so it goes. But I am just sick of this way of thinking across the board. I am also an adoptee who has no right to my own original birth certificate which every other American owns, and maybe it’s a small thing to you…but to me it is identity. So I know a *tiny* little bit about being marginalized. And I. Am. DONE.

Cheers to change, friends.

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