Summer Sweetness–But Winter is Coming

by Renee on August 19, 2020

SummerThere are a few sweet weeks of summer left–even though schools are back in session, I’ve Grillingcaught the sight of changing leaves on the trail, and some mornings I can see my breath–and I’m hanging on to every bit of it. In Ohio, this means we get the most wonderful sweet corn and tomatoes of the year and warm nights for dinner on the patio.

If COVID has taught us nothing else, it’s that simple times around a table with the ones we love are the best times. I had the kids and Mom over for a little cookout recently–it was the first time Ali, Matt, and Joseph had seen Grandma in months. A little bocce on the lawn, a lot of laughs, and some good food together, and life Boccealmost felt normal.

Another way I hope we will get back to more normal times is on the horizon if we can get He Who Shall Not Be Named out of the White House. The November election is coming, and so is an avalanche of liberal snowflakes–Donnie, winter is coming, and the changing of the guard in January. I couldn’t slap my BYEDON bumper sticker on my car fast enough.

Dump TrumpIf you haven’t yet, register to VOTE, and get out there and do it–by mail, in person, by homing pigeon if you have to do it that way. Yep, I brought politics into this blog, but it’s my blog so yeah! Feel free to disagree with me in your own blog. Cheers to savoring the sweet things, and change ahead!

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