Ringing in the New Year with RedEnvelope!

by Renee on December 26, 2013

With Christmas behind us now, the next big celebration is the New Year–and 2014 promises to be an exciting one for the New Albion51rCrleyPaL Brewing Company! As you await renewed production of The Original Craft Beer, I hope your bar is stocked with your favorite craft beers and spirits for your New Year’s celebration– perhaps even your own home brew. My good friends Doug and Denis have been busy brewing their own beer this year–I’ve tasted their New Albion clone and Bell’s Two Hearted-recipe–and this week I had the chance to enjoy their Double D Christmas Ale. It was delicious, and certainly as good as many commercial winter brews I’ve tried.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t seen the assortment of beer and bar gifts from Red Envelope, I’m happy to bring them to your attention, as I’ve been a fan of this company for a long time. The Red Envelope catalog showed up among so many others over the holidays many years ago, and it is one that I never toss because of the great gift ideas they present so beautifully.

Barley glassFor the homebrewer in your life, how about a set of personalized beer glasses like these? (I think Doug and Denis need these for their efforts!) And the bar in their man cave would Signcertainly look great with a personalized sign as well.

Of course any craft beer lover knows that the proper glassware is all important. Red Envelope offers a number of sets of glass collections, but my favorite is the Spiegalau beer glass set. Spiegalau, a company out of Bavaria, has been creating perfect glassware for over 500 years, and your beer poured into their glass brings all the best to your nose, mouth and tastebuds! The Red Envelope price point is more than reasonable, as well. Check out these and the many other great bar accoutrements from Red Envelope for your New Year’s or any celebration you have in mind for 2014!

Spiegalau set

Looking back, we spent 2013 enjoying the attention created by the release of the Boston Beer New Albion Ale, and worked towards reviving the beer on its own. Things will be coming to fruition, and I invite you to stay tuned to my blog for more information as I can release it. Of course, you’ll find the news on the New Albion and Brewer’s Daughter social media pages as well–and don’t forget to visit our newly launched New Albion Brewing Company website! Cheers to a very happy and prosperous 2014!


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