Brewing A Revolution at the Smithsonian

September 14, 2019

So now that it’s public I can tell you about the “Brewing A Revolution” exhibit that will be opening in November at the National Museum of American History! Jack and New Albion will be recognized along with other craft beer pioneers as part of the fifth annual Smithsonian Food History Weekend. The Last Call: Brewing […]

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New Albion Brewing Partners with Raleigh Brewing

September 2, 2019

As you may have heard, our contract to brew New Albion with Platform Beer in Cleveland, Ohio, has now ended. When I moved to North Carolina in 2018, I began looking for a brewing partner in my new town of Raleigh. I was introduced to Kristie and Patrik Nystedt, who founded Raleigh Brewing in 2013. […]

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Home is Where the Heart Is…

June 21, 2019

And friends, my heart is in Ohio. Living in Raleigh has been a year-long adventure. I am so glad I met the people I met, and got to experience the fun and food and craft brew scene in North Carolina. My BFF Cami calls Raleigh home, so you know I’ll be back–I know our adventures […]

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Jack Officially Makes History…

March 15, 2019

Growing up in suburban Washington, D.C., every field trip of my life it seemed was at one of the Smithsonian museums–and sometime this fall, my father’s New Albion Brewing Company will be among the exhibits! I couldn’t have imagined it back in the day, when I didn’t even know who my birthfather was, let alone […]

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