One Year Later…Ohio is Home

by Renee on July 16, 2020

Hard to believe I’ve been back in Ohio for a year now. I’m so glad to be home again, near my Mom, my daughter, my cousin Anna, long-time friends, and familiar roads, parks, and places. While I miss my BFF Cami in Raleigh, as well as the friends I made there, I hope to see them again soon — I have a guest room, and my little Wren House is happy to welcome visitors (once COVID makes travel a little easier down the line perhaps). Cami is due to come next month, something to look forward to in these crazy times!

This year has been disappointing in many ways thanks to the coronavirus–no summer concerts, no family reunion, no wedding celebrations. But there are small joys thanks to good weather finally making an appearance in NE Ohio: socially distanced happy hours on my porch & patio with neighbors, the invitation to a friend’s pool, s’mores at Ali and Joseph’s campsite over the 4th of July, a trip to Lake Erie’s Mentor Headlands with Porter on a sunny day, the occasional brewery patio beer (Missing Mountain’s spot in Cuyahoga Falls is a favorite), even cooking on my grill.

I’ll take those doses of happiness where I can find them.


This year has also marked five years since we spent summer at Seidman Cancer Center, fighting Paul’s battle with lymphoma. So in honor of his memory, I’m once again raising funds for the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society. I haven’t done that since my Woman of the Year campaign with LLS in 2017. I’m taking part in their annual Light the Night event–it will be virtual in 2020. If you’re so inclined, here’s the link to donate. I’m also doing it to remember my sister Diana, who passed away in July of 2019 from leukemia. She will be laid at her final resting place this coming October, at Arlington National Cemetery, to honor her military service. Have I mentioned that cancer sucks? It does.

Meanwhile, friends: wear your masks, register to vote in November–and find joy in small ways. Cheers to hanging in there~

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