Off and Running!

by Renee on September 28, 2011

Three days into my new business full-time, and I’m off and running. I’ve been reaching out to people to let them know I’m doing this thing–already had a couple meetings–and some people have been reaching out to me because they read about this endeavor on Facebook or Twitter or here on my blog. Which is pretty much the point of social media, right? It’s all good.

Having this blog the past year has been an introduction to so many wonderful people in the world of craft beer–and to think I’ll be collaborating with some of those very same people is exciting. One of those introductions comes to fruition this week, when I meet up with Ginger Johnson of Women Enjoying Beer out at the Great American Beer Festival. I’m so thrilled that Ginger wanted me to be a part of the WEB presence in Denver; and even more excited thinking about some of the things we will be hatching this very weekend! I’m so glad she invited me to join her crew–and again, thanks to Maureen Ogle for introducing us back in March at the Craft Brewers Conference.

There are a few things on my agenda while I’m out in Colorado once again–and topping that list is the chance to have another beer or three with my Dad. Yes, Jack will be attending #GABF with some friends of his from the San Antonio Cerveceros group. He tells me he’s going to spend the weekend drinking beer and looking famous–which of course is the perfect role for the father of craft beer. And thanks to Sebbie Buhler at Rogue Ales I have a ticket for Beers for Boobs on Friday; and I’m going to try to get out to Boulder Beer once again, at the invitation of my friend Chicken Dan. Much of the rest of the weekend you’ll find me at the WEB booth, where I look forward to talking to fellow craft brew enthusiasts until I can’t talk any longer!

Thank you once again for all your support and kind words as I mesh my passion with my profession. It’s very much appreciated. Cheers~



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Maureen Ogle September 28, 2011 at 10:34 am

I INSIST that you give Jack a hug from me. INSIST! I’m so sorry I won’t be there. Have a wonderful time — but do warn Jack about the noise/crowds. He may not be a happy camper unless he gets there when teh doors open and leaves by about 7 pm.


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