New Albion Ale Returns for CLE Beer Week!

by Renee on September 17, 2014


Platform BeerNew Albion Brewing Company Revives First American Pale Ale with Platform Beer Company for Cleveland Beer Week 

The first U.S. post-Prohibition microbrewery, New Albion Brewing Company is pleased to announce its collaboration with Cleveland’s Platform Beer Company, re-releasing New Albion Ale for the first time since its early 2013 release with the Boston Beer Company. The Sam Adams/New Albion bottles were on store shelves across the country for about six months. The re-launch will take place on Friday, Oct. 17 at 6:00 p.m. at the Platform Brewhouse, 4125 Lorain Avenue, Cleveland during Cleveland Beer Week.

New Albion President Renée DeLuca, daughter of New Albion founder Jack McAuliffe, said she is thrilled to have the original craft beer available and back in the hands of fans. “Cleveland Beer Week is the perfect time to re-release this historic American pale ale. We are proud to collaborate with the Platform Beer Company, an exciting new addition to the Northeast Ohio brew scene. Founders Paul Benner and Justin Carson are cut from the same cloth as my father, Jack, as a home brewer and meticulous craftsman. Head Brewer Shaun Yasaki came from the award-winning Fat Head’s Brewing Company before joining Platform, and he is getting great reviews for the beers he’s brewing there. I’m proud to be associated with the Platform team.”

Platform Beer Company is not only a brewery and tap room, but an incubator for new brewing talent, taking selected home brewers through a 12-week professional program. This unique model is the first of its kind in the country. Benner is also looking forward to having New Albion Ale on tap at his establishment. “To me it is sort of like a time machine in a bottle. This is what craft beer was like long before decades of experimentation, collaboration and growth,” Benner said.

Fans of New Albion from years past and the more recent release have been clamoring to see the delicious brew back in their glass, according to DeLuca. “I get messages across the New Albion social media pages and our website, from people who are hoping to see this delicious, drinkable ale at their local tap house again. We’re starting out small—like Jack did back in the early days of New Albion in Sonoma, California. We hope to grow, and with the support of the team at Platform Beer here in Cleveland, we feel the brand is sustainable and we look forward to continuing production,” DeLuca said.

Those who attend the New Albion release party at Platform Beer will be greeted by the craft beer movement founder himself, Jack McAuliffe. “My father will be coming to spend some time with me over Cleveland Beer Week, and we are excited to have him at our re-launch. Jack loves to tell the story of the early days of craft beer, and if you’d like to meet him, be sure to stop in and enjoy the original beer that started it all,” said DeLuca. “Jack tells a good story, especially over a good beer.”


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