Let it Snow!

by Renee on December 8, 2010

In a previous post at the end of November, I mentioned that I’m not a big fan of NE Ohio winters–particularly the snow. Well, it’s not even officially winter yet and the snow has found us. At least those of us living on the East Side, thanks to Lake Erie not being frozen and all. That’s called Lake Effect. (My desk was next to Dick Goddard’s for a few years, I picked up a few things.) We get hit hard here in the eastern ‘burbs, while they have barbecues on the west side of the Cuyahoga. Not fair, but I’m an East Coast girl at heart, so my New England-y town was where I put down roots in Ohio, and I’m not going to wuss out and move west.

So yeah, it took Paul almost 3 hours to get home today. Fortunately I missed rush hour and got here ahead of the biggest part of the mess, though it was still a craptastic ride home, even with the 4WD.  But my big lab Harley loves the snow, even when it’s up to his chest–which makes me smile– and when Ali got home from school she asked me to share some hot chocolate–always a treat to this work-a-day Mom.

Tonight there’s a fire in the fireplace, a cold Sam Adams Holiday Porter in my hand, and once again my little town has a fresh layer of sparkling snow on the glittery Christmas tree in Triangle.  Also, I found this article. It could happen.  So I say, let it snow.

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Erica December 10, 2010 at 12:55 pm

I want to get snowed in at a pub!


Renee December 10, 2010 at 1:04 pm

I do too!


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