Home is Where the Heart Is…

by Renee on June 21, 2019

And friends, my heart is in Ohio. Living in Raleigh has been a year-long adventure. I am so glad I met the people I met, and got to experience the fun and food and craft brew scene in North Carolina. My BFF Cami calls Raleigh home, so you know I’ll be back–I know our adventures aren’t over, by far.

There is something about NE Ohio that gets under your skin… the people, the places, the grit and determination of a region that is almost always considered the underdog. I’ve missed it, snow and all.

I’m looking forward to finally getting to one of my daughter’s improv shows, having more Sunday dinners with my Mom, and checking out the new breweries that have popped up in Cleveland and Akron since I’ve been away.

On a recent trip home to Ohio, I returned with a case of Great Lakes beers…which quickly disappeared from my fridge in Raleigh. Time to restock and start packing up. My move date is in mid-July. Looking forward to breaking out my Browns gear for fall…cheers!

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Steve Gantt June 25, 2019 at 1:09 am

GLAD to have you coming back! WELCOME BACK!

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