Happy 30th Anniversary, Sierra Nevada!

by Renee on November 16, 2010

November 15th marked the 30th anniversary of the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. I noted this on my Facebook profile, and I had one friend somewhat incredulous that I would celebrate the birth of a “bottle of beer.” Well, Sierra Nevada is much more than a bottle of beer. It’s a company still lead by the ideals and ideas of its hands-on founder, Ken Grossman. Premium ingredients and a commitment to being green are more than just slogans in Chico, California. It’s a way of making great beers, a way of life, and we benefit.

Of course I’m more than a little proud of the fact that Ken would choose to honor my father, Jack McAuliffe, for leading the way with his New Albion Brewing Company before him.  I have some bottles of Jack & Ken’s Ale cellared away and ready for another celebration, another day.

Meanwhile, Paul and I marked the occasion with a trip to the Mentor Winking Lizard last night, where they tapped the last 30th anniversary brew: the Grand Cru. It was smooth and delicious, and worthy of the celebration. And when we arrived, we were pleased to see some friends we had recently made at the Massimo da Milano craft beer night, Thomas and Rick, along with their families. Always fun to run into beer people.

Before we made it over to the Lizard, we made a point of stopping into The Brew Mentor, a new home brewing store that opened at the end of July. Business partners Brian Seelinger and Rick Mack were there to greet us. Brian’s enthusiasm for brewing beer (and making wine) is contagious. We’re already signed up for their email newsletter, and looking into taking a clinic or two down the road. Everything you could want or need to make beer at home is there. If you have a chance to stop in, it’s quite an impressive operation!

So raise a toast proudly to Sierra Nevada or your favorite brewing company!  There’s no shame in celebrating life’s pleasures.

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