Half Way to St. Patty’s Day!

by Renee on September 17, 2010

Today is September 17–that’s right, it’s just six months until St. Patrick’s Day! Yes, I know the way we celebrate it here in America really has nothing to do with how our ancestors (mine in Counties Cork and Limerick) observed the day, but it’s a great excuse for a party and to drink a little (or a lot of) beer. Especially when you’re a good part Irish, like myself and my husband. (Yes, the other “mostly” part in both of us is Italian, as the name DeLuca might suggest.  So you can see why I enjoy my beer *and* my wine. I come by it honestly. Irish-Italian is a good combination. I think.)

Back in 2000, the first year Paul and I began going out, we thought St. Pat’s was a good reason to have our first party as a couple, and that was the first of our St. Pat’s bashes we had for 9 years running. We served great corned beef, lots of beer, Paul’s band played one year, we served beer, we did karaoke and “Irish Idol” for a couple of years (lots of Danny Boy), we served beer, and there was just general revelry and a bunch of photos I’m not allowed to publish here.  We called it Leprechaun Lunacy.

Meanwhile, my good friend Debi lives in Savannah, and she tells me they know how to throw a good Irish celebration down there. (I’ve seen the pictures, I know it’s true. Plus, she would never come up to Ohio for my party while that one was going on down there, so I know it must be good.) When I was visiting Debi in Savannah this past April, I decided to commit to my Irish side and went ahead and got my very first ink: a shamrock with the name McAuliffe in it. It’s not a small commitment–it takes up some real estate on my right calf. And I love it. Hopefully I’ll never have saggy calves.

This past Labor Day weekend, my Aunt Cathy, Jack’s sister, was visiting. One night we opened up some of Jack’s homemade grappa (the man knows how to brew ANYTHING) and the next thing you know we were taking silly pictures. So I’ll post one for your viewing pleasure: me, Aunt Cathy pointing to the shamrock tat on my leg, both of us in matching pajama pants (a gift for her birthday) and holding glasses of grappa. We Irish know how to have a good time.

I’m thinking maybe we’ll get back to having our party in 2011.

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clinton gary September 17, 2010 at 5:01 pm

st. patty’s 2000 saw me in dublin, hanging with the irish homeboys, and even though the irish didn’t use to celebrate st. patty’s day like in the states, they’ve learned quite well (any reason to tip a guiness, please 🙂



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