Grateful for Great Friends & Family

by Renee on November 4, 2021

What an exciting month it has been since the release of the New AlbionBrewDog collaboration Pale Ale! I poured the beer during Cleveland Beer Week at the downtown Heinen’s event, and loved every minute! My kids Matt and Ali, and Ali’s fiance Joseph, were there repping the beer, making it a family affair! I enjoyed telling Jack’s story to so many craft beer lovers, and found they were excited to have a taste of history. We had some swag made up–cool ballcaps and stickers–the hats are already sold out! Keep buying the beer, and I’ll have more…

This month, our non-alcoholic oatmeal stout is available by ordering the BrewDog & Friends NA pack online. And right now I’m working with BrewDog UK to bring another beer style to Europe, where Jack’s story in beer began. That should be released in the new year. Meanwhile, it looks like BrewDog Cleveland will open their bar/restaurant/beer garden here in NE Ohio at the end of November–very much looking forward to that. And stay tuned, I have more good news about distribution of New Albion Pale Ale to come in ’22!

At the start of this month, I spent some time with my sister in beer, Meagen Anderson–we met through Jack years ago when she was a Boston Beer rep living in Texas. Today she’s the business development manager at NZ Hops, and she was in Cleveland for the Master Brewers Conference and ended up staying with me for a couple of days. Loved having a bit of time to catch up with her–she’s a wise sounding board with brilliant ideas inspiring me to take New Albion into the future with an eye on sustainability, inclusion and diversity.

Much more to come~ I’m grateful for this opportunity with my father’s beer brand, and for the support of my family and friends in this beery journey. When I found Jack some 20 years ago, I never could have imagined this was the road I was traveling. Today I couldn’t be happier that it turned out this way. May your November bring you together with your loved ones once again, sharing good food and grateful hearts. Happy Thanksgiving!



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