Cleveland Beer Week: Monday

by Renee on October 19, 2010

The second annual Cleveland Beer Week is underway and the city is buzzing–in more ways than one! With over 300 events on the calendar from October 15-23, there is most definitely something for the beer lover in all of us in the CLE!

Today I only dipped my toe in the sudsy waters–with a busy day back at work, and a meeting at my daughter’s school this evening, Real Life kind of got in the way of any major tasting. But I did manage to hit a couple of highlights before I got home today.

First stop was Southside, a friendly bar/restaurant in Tremont that has a great patio. Today Dogfish Head Brews took over all 10 of their taps! Since it was kind of rainy and blah, I skipped the patio and sat at the bar and enjoyed the seasonal Black and Blue, a Belgian-style golden ale fermented with blackberries and blueberries. At 10% ABV, a 6 oz. glass was plenty to taste. The fruity aroma was the first thing I noticed, and then a nice sourness with that first sip. It finished with strong hints of the berries, and went wonderfully paired with a Lake Erie perch sandwich with citrus aioli and some fresh cut fries.

Then I needed to pick up some groceries after our weekend away, which meant a trip to Heinen’s. This local grocery store chain is renowned for it’s fresh produce, excellent prepared foods, hard-to-find specialty items, and great beer and wine departments of course! Heinen’s is one of the local sponsors of Cleveland Beer Week, and there are daily tastings at each of their stores every day from 4-6 p.m. (just in case you need some groceries on your way home from work, I thought you should know). I popped into the Bainbridge location, where Bob was offering tastes of Sprecher Abby Triple and a Scotch Ale. I had never tried one of the Milwaukee brews from Sprecher before, and I did like the light Abby Triple with the salty cashews Bob was serving. But as our discussion of beer meandered along, we got onto the subject of seasonal pumpkin ales. As I professed my love of Southern Tier’s Pumking, Bob told me his favorite was the St. Ambroise Citrouille. So that’s what I ended up coming home with–and what I’m drinking right now!

Happy beer week, Cleveland! Stay tuned for Tuesday!

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