Christmas Crazy

by Renee on December 4, 2010

December is here, and so is the whirlwind of parties and get togethers, shopping, cooking, baking and decorating. I don’t know about you, but I have gotten more minimalist as the years have gone by. I don’t try to make every cookie in grandma’s repertoire, or go Clark Griswold-nutty with the decor. (I confess, I have even gone so far as to use slice-and-bake cookies.) A full-time job, two teens and their activities, and all those other obligations we all have just pull me in too many directions to even attempt a Martha Stewart holiday. (I have a couple of friends who have as much going on as I do, and they still do the all-out cooking/decorating thing. Godblessem, I just don’t have it in me.)

The kids want to get the Christmas tree this weekend, yet they have basketball, lacrosse and a Spanish movie project to get to, we have an Eagles breakfast to cook Sunday morning– and yes, another party tonight. On top of everything else, last night my husband’s new car was broken into–the thieves smashed the window on the passenger side and stole our GPS. Fortunately it was a GPS system we got at a great price on eBay, and Paul’s computer wasn’t in the car. It just ends up being a PITA (pain in the ass):  filing a police report, calling the insurance company, getting quotes to fix it. We did get a decent price on the estimate, and the guys are coming out today to repair the glass. 

So here’s the thing. It’ll all get done. Somehow. And what doesn’t get done will just have to slide. I love seeing our friends and those I haven’t seen all year, the joy of finding the perfect gift, raising some Celebration Ale in a toast, feasting on the holiday goodies, and watching Christmas movies with the kids while snuggled up next to the fire, even writing Christmas cards. The shopping/wrapping thing maybe notsomuch, but it’s all good.

Last night as I was driving through my pretty little town–sparkling under a fresh coat of snow and twinkling with pretty lights–I was imagining Jimmy Stewart running by the falls shouting hello to it all–the gazebo, the hardware that dates back to the 1800s, the town hall–after his visit with Clarence. That’s the feeling I’m planning to keep this season. Just being happy to see it, to be here with the ones I love. Cheers~

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