Cheers to YOU #TeamDeLuca

by Renee on May 12, 2017

candidatesWell, I don’t even know where to begin to thank you enough, #TeamDeLuca, for all you did to help make my Man/Woman of the Year Fundraising for the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society a success. A week ago, on Friday, May 5th, we celebrated our 10-week fundraising efforts at the Renaissance Ballroom in downtown Cleveland. As a group, the LLS M/W candidates raised more than $584,000 to fund the fight against blood cancers. It was a record-breaking year! And as a team, you my friends, helped me to raise nearly $30,000!!! This is the email I got from the Northern Ohio LLS office after the totals came in:

WOW!!!!  I don’t even know where to begin with saying THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!  What an incredible 10 weeks you and your team had.  We are so grateful for your efforts with this campaign and I hope you want to continue to stay involved with the campaign in some capacity! I wanted to give you final numbers after Friday’s Finale.  You and your team did such an incredible job and ended up with a total of $29, 716.61!  (EDIT: After all the funds were counted post-event…our team ended up with a total of over $35k!) I hope you are feeling proud of all you accomplished, we are for sure grateful!  I know Paul was with you every step of the way and your efforts are moving mission forward, so thank you!

So cheers to youfunds, friends, I raise my glass to our achievement. From our Paul DeLuca Winter Warmer event, to the Networking is Dead in the Vault party, to collecting donations at the Kenston Lacrosse Youth Night game and every donation made online and through checks and your supporting my friends in their efforts to raise money for this cause, plus all the silent auction donations, we made it happen. I look forward to living in a world without cancer of any type someday. Let’s continue to help make someday, today.


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