Cheers to 40 Years!

by Renee on October 8, 2016

jackIt was 40 years ago today that New Albion Brewing Company became officially established as the first post-Prohibition microbrewery in the U.S. It came from the mind and hands of my father, Jack McAuliffe. After a stint in the Navy overseas, drinking wonderful brews in Europe, he returned home to find that the delicious ales he fell in love with were not to be found. So he did it himself–fashioned a brewery from old farm equipment, found a farmer to sell him some Cascade hops (all that were available), bought a train car of malt (the only quantity he could buy) and made his dream a reality. It all began in Sonoma, California–a land once dubbed “New Albion” by Sir Francis Drake. Jack lived “like a spider,” as he says, above his brewhouse, where he spent all his time brewing up those first ales, porters, stouts and his special barleywine.

Today there are over 4,000 breweries doing business in the good ol’ U.S.A.– many of them are sharing their good beer at the Great American Beer Fest in Denver this week. I’ve been at GABF with Jack, and walking up and down those aisles of the Denver Convention Center with him is a pretty fun thing to behold. Today¬†newalbionyou can get a catalog and order up some shiny new brewing equipment, some hops, some malt and off you go, like many of those GABF participants. It wasn’t that way back in the ’70s when Jack first fired up the kettle.

I’m proud to continue the tradition as we brew the original New Albion Ale recipe with Platform Beer Company in Cleveland, Ohio. Jack worked with the Platform brewers and says it’s every bit as good as he remembers.

jack2So here’s to Jack, and his dream of better beer for all. Raise a glass of your favorite American made craft beer: CHEERS to Jack, and 40 years of New Albion! It’s one man’s dream come true, and millions of beer lovers made happy.

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Glenn DeLuca October 8, 2016 at 6:52 pm

For all of todays “craft” beer drinkers enjoying more different beers from more breweries than ever before, we applaud and thank Jack’s vision and fortitude as what he did was not easy, but that’s what pioneers do.


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