Chardon’s Heartbreak

by Renee on February 29, 2012

I have been a frequent visitor of the small town of Chardon in Geauga County the past few months, working with Mike and Donna Nedrow, proprietors of Chardon BrewWorks. I’ve met all of the Nedrow children–college freshman Alyssa was the first to wait on me at the restaurant; high schooler Gabby has cheerfully pulled several shifts while I’ve been there; and middle schooler Davey is often found doing his homework and coming up with great ideas for promotions at the pub. They are a tightly knit family with deep ties to their community. Mike and Donna often host fundraisers, and they are always giving their time and sharing their beer with event organizers.

The charming town square and friendly people I’ve met at the upstairs bar — and of course the great beers Mike brews– have made it a pleasant place to spend a little time outside our family’s annual trips to the Geauga County Maple Festival. (Chardon is also our county seat, and I’ve made one or two visits to the court there for various traffic offenses. I much prefer visiting the brewpub.)

As anyone who has followed the news this week knows, Chardon High School was the scene of unfathomable violence — three teens are now dead, and two more are recovering from injuries they received in the mayhem at their school this past Monday morning–and countless others are mourning and reeling from the fact that this even happened. Several teachers are being called heroes for their selfless acts in preventing further violence, the school administration is providing calm leadership, teens in other school districts are wearing the Hilltoppers’ red and black in support, and the entire world is watching as this community comes together in the wake of this terrible event.







As it has been for centuries, the brewpub is a place for gathering and sharing fellowship, food and good brews. Mike and Donna have extended an invitation for all who want to share their feelings to come in and talk. They’ll be there as much as possible. They’ll also be donating 5% of their proceeds in March to the Chardon Healing Fund.

When you visit Chardon in the next few weeks, you’ll notice the red ribbons tied around the maple trees along the pretty streets and on the Square, and you’re sure to notice a quiet sadness too. But when you stop to talk to the person at the bar stool next to you, you’ll also feel the hope of a community that faced a tragedy and comforted one another, now sharing their Hilltopper pride with the world.




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Wayne "Woody" Mesker March 13, 2012 at 5:24 pm

I was raised in Lake County , graduated from Wickliffe High School in 1970.
My parents remained there until they died. Dad passed in 1996,
Mom in 2001 !
My 27yr. old son lived in Wickliffe for much of his life & still resides in the area.
I had a productive meeting on Monday March 5th with State Representative Nick Celebrezze to talk about how to begin building the team that will eventually put together the “One Heartbeat” program to hopefully avert future tragedies in our schools.
When the next State Legislature session convenes in Columbus, next week , he will be reaching out to his colleagues in State government,including State Senators Capri Cafaro & Joe Schiavoni about this idea & a major benefit concert being now being planned for sometime this summer !

My initial response to the Chardon shootings upon hearing the news at 9 A.M. that morning was to hit my Facebook pages immediately & offer to put together a “Benefit Concert” .
I was subsequently criticized & derided by some of the “Local” music community for being insensitive & accused of trying to capitalize on the “situation” for my own benefit .
Personally, I have an at-risk 9 yr. old child in my life & living in my home .
When my 3rd grade grandson came home that day & told me he hated his “Substitute” teacher , it became apparent to me that “involved” action was necessary .
I’ve already been in contact with other State government officials & the Ohio Education Association about creating a statewide “One Heartbeat” Prevention Counseling program in our schools & involving students & families , teachers, social workers /counselors , law enforcement & those involved in “youth related programs”
We think pre-school would be the right place to start the “One Heartbeat” initiative beginning here in Ohio to fight the battle for our children .It’s going to take a “village” , but this is a battle we can’t afford to lose !!
“One Heartbeat” ROCKS
(Reaching Our Children with Kindness & Sensitivity)
A return to the value system “our” parents , teachers & society taught us in the 50’s & 60’s
Children “Live what they learn” & we need to Reach Our Children now before it’s too late.

Hope we can count on your support .


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