A Christmas Ale Moment in the Sun

by Renee on October 26, 2010

Yes, the calendar says Christmas Day is two months off, but there was a lot of Christmas-like celebrating  this afternoon at the Great Lakes Brewing Company, where the annual batch of Christmas Ale was tapped for the 20th consecutive year in the brewpub to the cheers of a throng of waiting fans. Even the local media showed up to broadcast the big moment.

The warm late October weather filled the patio out front, and made a fake Christmas tree look a little out of place. Inside, revelers were treated to holiday music on the overhead speakers, and lots of folks wishing each other Merry Christmas, and offering Christmas cheer.

  Debbie and Bruce ventured to the West Side Cleveland neighborhood just for the event, all the way from Hinckley. They wanted to be one of the first to taste the honey, cinnamon, and ginger-warmed brew this year. Both gave it a thumbs up, claiming to taste a hint of pine with the holiday spices.

I do enjoy the Great Lakes holiday beer, but a forgotten bottle or two at the back of the fridge, aged a year or two, tastes even better to me than the fresh brew. And there are a few Christmas/holiday ales and winter warmers I like better. But let’s let Cleveland’s Great Lakes have its moment in the October sunshine. We can’t forget what kind of weather is ahead. Many happy returns (to the bar)! And merry…oh, nevermind.

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