2021: Something to Celebrate Ahead

by Renee on December 31, 2020

2021As we say “see ya!” to 2020, there is hope ahead for 2021. The change of the calendar will be like a coat of fresh snow–blowing in to cover up all the muddy ugliness underneath. (Snow is pretty, I’ll take its cosmetic beauty.) But don’t let magical thinking have you believe at the stroke of midnight, everything we’ve had to endure in this crazy COVID year will disappear: it’s a long road ahead until everyone who needs it has the vaccine, and we achieve herd immunity. And of course, our economy has a long way to go to recover.

But like always, I’m going to be optimistic, and look forward to the day we can celebrate Ali and Josephtogether again, whether it’s a birthday, or a new job, or an engagement. And speaking of, my daughter is now engaged to her longtime love, and we have a wedding to plan! So I’m going to end this year on that happy note.

Wishing you and yours a VERY HAPPY new year, in all the ways that matter most. Cheers~

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