2011 World Tour of Beers

by Renee on January 9, 2011

This year marks the 25th that Northeast Ohio’s Winking Lizard Taverns have offered the World Tour of Beer, and I signed up and got started this past Friday. For a mere $10 entry fee, you too can get your passport to many great (and some notsogreat) brews of the world offered by the Lizard all year long. The tour includes 100 beers.

You get a credit card-like personal pass, with a magnetic strip that allows the bartenders to keep track of the beers you drink. A handbook featuring information including all the rules, the beers, and facts about the featured breweries come with your card. It makes it easy to keep track of your beer-filled journey. You can also log online to check from your smart phone!

Tourists are awarded World Tour jackets at the completion of the beer list. You also enjoy credit for the Glass of the Month specials, email newsletters keeping you up to date on the beer events at the Lizard–and this year there is also a mystery Mid-Way Tour gift.

Paul signed up to do the tour with me–he’s a veteran, as he did it once many years ago. This year will be my first time, and I look forward to tasting a world of hops, malt and beery goodness for months to come.

Friday was my birthday, and I got started by knocking four beers off my list: started with a bottle of  Alltech Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale (first on the alphabetical list), then switched to drafts. I had a pint of Stone Cali Belgique Ale, Left Hand Milk Stout, and finished with Thirsty Dog Stud Service (fun to ask for). Each was delicious in its own way, but the Left Hand Milk Stout was my favorite of the evening.

Four down, 96 to go! Join me, won’t you?

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