Luck o’ the Irish

by Renee on March 18, 2021

March is here, and that means the ups and downs of spring temperatures, longer hours of sunshine and the McAuliffe high holiday of St. Patrick’s Day. Here in Cleveland, we had beautiful weather, but another year with no parade, thanks to coronavirus. However, there is hope for next year! Vaccines are rolling out, and I’m scheduled to get mine in another couple of days. My Mom is fully vaccinated now, and my girl got her first shot–she’s a teacher so eligible a bit ahead of her age group. Jack has had his vaccine!

There were plenty of happy memories to make these Irish eyes smile while we wait to get together again. I was remembering Jack being the Grand Marshall of his local parade in Fayetteville a few years ago, my trip to Ireland with my girl, when we found the family coat of arms in the McAuliffe homeland of Newmarket, in County Cork, and years of St. Patrick’s Day parties. We will celebrate in person again soon!

Meanwhile, this crazy dog mom allowed St. Patrick’s Day pics to be taken of Porter at his doggy day care… may the luck o’ the Irish find you this March and follow you into April and beyond!

And hang in there…some New Albion news is coming!


Grab Your Shades…

by Renee on February 4, 2021

We are seeing longer days again, lately it has been light past 5:00, and I have a sneaking suspicion that spring is on its way…yes, it’s only February, and snow and cold are still a part of daily life in Northeast Ohio. Still, the trails call to Porter and me every day, in every kind of weather. One of the great joys of my time at home during this COVID crisis has been our daily walks through the local MetroParks and along the Chagrin River in my little Village. The beauty in every season, time to reflect–just getting outside and moving has kept me sane through these strange times.

Things are already better in 2021. We have humanity and leadership in the White House again, as the Biden administration has taken over. I celebrated the Inauguration with a bit of bubbly, Chucks and pearls (a nod to VP Kamala Harris), and a few tears of happiness. I received an offer of full-time employment once again–thrilled to accept and be headed back to work next week! (Booking dog walkers now…) Mom got her first COVID vaccine shot, while my last blood donation showed I have the antibodies after my bout with coronavirus in November–that heartens me as I await my turn. My daughter is busy making plans for a wedding in 2022, and I’m having fun anticipating that celebration.

There is a plan forward for New Albion in the coming months, and while I can’t divulge the details yet, I’m *very* excited about the possibilities. Stay tuned for further details!

Meanwhile, I’m daydreaming of patios, live music and events…our future is bright! We’re all going to need shades.

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Craft Brewers Conference News

by Renee on January 12, 2021

Brewers AssociationNews from the Brewers Association out of Colorado: the 2021 Craft Brewers Conference has been rescheduled for for Denver for September 9-12th. I’m hoping that we have had a significant improvement in COVID-19 vaccine rollout and coverage by then, I’d love to attend. I’ve been to several CBCs, and the Great American Beer Festival in Denver (celebrating its 40th year–I’m awaiting dates), and it’s always a great trip. Denver is a great beer town, and the Rocky Mountains are always a favorite travel destination. Cheers to future travel! UPDATE: GABF pushed off til 2022.



2021: Something to Celebrate Ahead

December 31, 2020

As we say “see ya!” to 2020, there is hope ahead for 2021. The change of the calendar will be like a coat of fresh snow–blowing in to cover up all the muddy ugliness underneath. (Snow is pretty, I’ll take its cosmetic beauty.) But don’t let magical thinking have you believe at the stroke of […]

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