Winking Lizard Tour of Beers ’22

by Renee on January 13, 2022

WInking LizardIf you’re a craft beer lover living in NE Ohio, you’ve been to the Winking Lizard bar/restaurant, undoubtedly! And maybe you’ve even participated in the annual World Tour of Beers–I know I have, many times. In a very exciting development–the Lizard has added New Albion Pale Ale to the list of 100 available beers that count toward your tally in ’22!

When the folks at BrewDog USA told me that our beer had been added to the list, I could not have been more excited… the Tour has been a staple at the Lizard locations since 1986, and it’s a great way to learn about and try new beers you might not have otherwise. There are prizes along the way (clocks, jackets, mugs, and other fun stuff–it varies from year to year) and of course, a big celebratory party at the end (usually–hoping COVID doesn’t dampen the fun this year). There are 16 locations, and your favorite spot will keep track of your progress.

I had the chance to stop in and enjoy my favorite Lizard dinner–the house salad and some Goldfinger wings–and the delicious Pale Ale was the perfect complement.

If you get to your local Lizard and join the Tour (it’s $20 to sign up, but you get a Loot Card for that value), be sure to give New Albion a try (along with BrewDog’s flagship favorite, Elvis Juice!) and tag me in a photo on your social media. I’ll share to my page, and we’ll raise a glass to a taste of history together!




BrewDog CLE Opens!

by Renee on December 3, 2021

BrewDog ClevelandBrewDog Cleveland opens today, December 3rd, at noon, and get ready! It’s an amazing spaceme located at the Irishtown Bend area of the Flats, with plenty of seating throughout–from picnic tables and soft comfy chairs, to a lengthy bar with a view of the kitchen. The beers are solid, and of course be sure to ask for New Albion Ale while you’re there! They have plenty of choices of their own BrewDog beers, as well as guest beers from local favorites like Market Garden Brewing. There is a small brewing system on premise, for their own experimental beers, but most of their beer is brewed at the Columbus, Ohio area brewery. And if you prefer spirits, they have those as well.

I had the chance to visit last weekend during the media preview, and I was impressed. TheBeers service is warm and friendly, and fast too. The menu has everything from burgers to pizzas and vegetarian options–I am a wing lover for sure, but the veggie cauliflouer buffalo “wings” are a favorite of mine! There’s a kid menu as well.

While there’s not a lot of other businesses in this area of the Flats, it’s on acreage that is due to soon be developed. There is dedicated parking, and Porter says he can’t wait for the dog-friendly outdoor beer garden to open come spring. Cheers to this Scottish-born brewery coming to our neck of Northeast Ohio!beer garden


Grateful for Great Friends & Family

by Renee on November 4, 2021

What an exciting month it has been since the release of the New AlbionBrewDog collaboration Pale Ale! I poured the beer during Cleveland Beer Week at the downtown Heinen’s event, and loved every minute! My kids Matt and Ali, and Ali’s fiance Joseph, were there repping the beer, making it a family affair! I enjoyed telling Jack’s story to so many craft beer lovers, and found they were excited to have a taste of history. We had some swag made up–cool ballcaps and stickers–the hats are already sold out! Keep buying the beer, and I’ll have more…

This month, our non-alcoholic oatmeal stout is available by ordering the BrewDog & Friends NA pack online. And right now I’m working with BrewDog UK to bring another beer style to Europe, where Jack’s story in beer began. That should be released in the new year. Meanwhile, it looks like BrewDog Cleveland will open their bar/restaurant/beer garden here in NE Ohio at the end of November–very much looking forward to that. And stay tuned, I have more good news about distribution of New Albion Pale Ale to come in ’22!

At the start of this month, I spent some time with my sister in beer, Meagen Anderson–we met through Jack years ago when she was a Boston Beer rep living in Texas. Today she’s the business development manager at NZ Hops, and she was in Cleveland for the Master Brewers Conference and ended up staying with me for a couple of days. Loved having a bit of time to catch up with her–she’s a wise sounding board with brilliant ideas inspiring me to take New Albion into the future with an eye on sustainability, inclusion and diversity.

Much more to come~ I’m grateful for this opportunity with my father’s beer brand, and for the support of my family and friends in this beery journey. When I found Jack some 20 years ago, I never could have imagined this was the road I was traveling. Today I couldn’t be happier that it turned out this way. May your November bring you together with your loved ones once again, sharing good food and grateful hearts. Happy Thanksgiving!




New Albion Ale Now Available… Get Yours!

October 7, 2021

It has been a couple of weeks now since the BrewDog/New Albion collaboration Pale Ale has been available on store shelves in NE Ohio Heinen’s stores (and also at the Chicago Heinen’s), and I love hearing that folks are picking it up, and loving the beer! Soon it will make its way into Buehler’s, Acme […]

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